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My electronic cigarette seems to not be doing anything:
Make sure your CVape battery is unlocked by pressing the button on the battery 5 times quickly.
Pressing the button 5 times quickly will lock and unlock the battery for usage or storage.

My button is blinking 3 times when I press on it:
This means the atomizer has shorted out.

My button is blinking 7-10 times when I press on it:
This means the battery needs to be charged.

When charging my unit the red light turns off and no green light come on to show fully charged:
Depending on which PNC model is in your battery, when charging the red light at your charging port means the battery needs to be charged, when fully charged this red light will either turn green, or just turn off.

Everything seems to work, but no vapor is coming from my E-Cig:
Odds are the atomizer (or heating coil) has burned up. Heating coils have a life span of 2-6 weeks. to avoid burning up your heating coil; never run your electronic cigarette with no e-juice in the unit. When new, your tank should be filled with E-Juice and not used for at least 20 minutes to give a chance for your e-juice to be soaked up by the wick into the heating coil are. if you run this prior to the wick being fully soaked you take a chance at burning up your atomizer, you also will probably burn up your wick a little and have a little bit of a burned flavor from your electronic cigarette.  

No vapor is coming from my E-Cig or Vaporizer:
Another problem can be that the top of the battery is dirty with oil and needs to be cleaned. Cleaning needs to done pretty regularly as oil at the top of the battery can cause connectivity issues and eventually will short out the battery.

Burned flavor from my Electronic Cigarette:
This is due to dry running the unit or just happens as the heating gets older, the remedy is to soak and clean your heading coil in Everclear alcohol, dry well, then install back in your tank. Make sure you add E-Juice, prime heating coil by adding one drop of E-Juice in the middle of the tube in your heating coil. Then let tank sit upright for 20 minutes before attempting to use.

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