CVape Personal Vaporizers
C-Rig by CVape is the Hottest Personal Portable Concentrate Vaporizer. In this ever expanding and always progressing world of vaporizers and portable vaporizers, CVape has hit a new milestone for the personal portable vaporizer industry with it's new C-Rig Concentrate Vaporizer. While this unit is a concentrate only and is not meant for vaporizing Herbs, C-Rig is the best by multiple times over any other concentrate vaporizer. C-Rig Concentrate Vaporizer is PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. C-Rig units have hand blown glass domes and mouthpieces, use ceramic heating compartments, use the latest in Battery technology and use mini USB chargers. C-Rig improvements on the "Pen" style concentrate vaporizers out there today put the current vaporizers to shame. The C-Rig heating coil is practically indestructible, the batteries last much longer, the output of the C-Rig equals that of multiple of it's competitors combined. No more baby vaps, C-Rig provides big clouds in a personal portable vaporizer equal to or better then a Titanium nail, but C-Rig does this with the control of pressing a button.  

Improvements over other
Concentrate Vaporizers:

Hand Blown Glass Dome & Mouthpiece-
You can see what is happening, it's GLASS so the heat is not burning paint or plastics which you end up inhaling.

Ceramic Bowl/Heating Compartment-
Ceramic transfers heat better than metal, it's cleaner than metal, healthier than metal.

Larger Heating Coil-
This means the unit will get hotter easier and work better under continuous use.  

Quality manufacturing, better for our economy, you know the rest.

Stronger Battery-
Lasts longer, hits harder, able to drive a much larger 
heating element, and get much hotter. 

Pass Thru Battery-
you don't have to take the unit apart to charge, you can use while charging.

Mini USB Charger-
Not a flimsy charger that will break in your battery like many of the current "PEN" vaporizers.

Silicone Button-
Soft to the touch, quality you can feel, doesn't slip or get stuck.

Lanyard compatible-
Made so a standard CVape lanyard will fit it so you can always have you C-Rig around.

Non Slip cover on Battery-
So you never loose a grip.

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CVape improvements for C-Rig Concentrate Vaporizers coming soon:
​C-Rig vaporizer to also handle herbs, not just concentrate.
C-Rig accessories to convert the C-Rig to use as an electronic nail for your favorite Rig.