About CVape
​CVape has been manufacturing personal vaporizers since 2009.

Since then, we have been simplifying the use of personal portable vaporizers by constantly upgrading and improving our products.

Our Electronic Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, E-Cigs, Concentrate Vaporizers; such as the C-Rig, Personal Vapes, and Herb Vaporizers all carry manufacturer's warranties.

C-Rig Personal Portable Handheld Concentrate Vaporizers are the best in the market, C-Rig Concentrate Vaporizers out perform any competing portable concentrate vaporizer by multiple times.

What makes buying our products the best choice in the Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Portable Vaporizer market is the ease of use, simplicity in operation, warranty, durability, great customer care, training of our retail outlets, instructional videos, and great prices.

CVape brand vapes are the highest quality in personal vaporizers.

We have many models to choose from: Concentrate, Herb, and E-Liquid/E-Juice Vaporizers.

Every one of our personal vaporizers is quality tested, easy to use, simply designed, and priced well.

CVape Vaporizers always lead the industry in innovation, just grab one of our 2014 models and see for yourself.

All of our personal vaporizers have been tried and tested and are of the newest generation models.

Our Goal is to improve Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporizers to the point that the user won’t have to be constantly worried about the product breaking down so easily (as do most of our competitor's models).

CVape has reengineered and continues to update all models to make them as user friendly and durable while surviving everyday life.

CVape uses thicker fittings, heavier walled tanks, and nothing but the best PSD and Batteries.

CVape does not use older and still most common 510 chargers; we only use breakthrough technology for charging our Electronic Cigarettes.

This means you will do not have to take apart the Electronic Cigarette in order to charge it, preventing you from stripping or breaking any of the hardware’s threading.